Are You Making These 3 Diet Mistakes?

Dangerous Diet MistakesIf you have tried one weight loss program after another without ever being successful for long, you are probably making some big diet mistakes. You can be given the best diet plan in the world, but it won’t work if your attitude is wrong.


The following 3 major diet mistakes are responsible for hundreds or thousands of people going off plan and failing to achieve the weight loss that they deserve. Take the time to consider what effect they may be having on you.

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Are you fit enough?

To complete the April Burpee Challenge?

Burpee challenge officially starts on Friday (April 4th) and runs until April 30th. Here’s how it works…

April 4th – Set timer for 3 minutes, hit start and do as many burpees as you can in those three minutes. That’s your baseline.

April 5th through 29th – each day, your goal is to do X more burpees than the prior day.

You can choose your X to be either 3, 4, or 5, depending upon what you are comfortable with. Pick your number at the start and stick with it all the way through.

April 30th – set timer for 3 minutes, hit start and see how many more burpees you can do versus April 4th.


  •  These are REAL burpees… pushup at the bottom and a vertical jump at the top.
  •  You can ‘bank’ burpees, so if you want to do a few extra here or there you certainly can. It might even be a good idea to do a few extra early on, since this challenge is going to start slow and get progressively more difficult.
  •  If you miss a day, you just have to do more on the days that follow to catch up.
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Congrats to everyone that participated in the March Pushup challenge! As a group we completed an outstanding 140,083 pushups.

April challenge starts this Friday – April 4th.   Details To follow soon!

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April is almost here!

April Challenge starts on Friday 01-04-2014! Are you ready?

abandon all hope

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Are you fit enough?

March Fitness Challenge - 5000 pushupsTo do 5,000 pushups in the month of March?

March Push Up Challenge – 5000 push ups in a month or 161 per day .  ITS STARTS TODAY!!!!

Here’s the deal, do it with a group (honor system)

  • If you are short:  – 1-500 push ups – you buy the group $5 of mega million lottery tickets,… group splits winnings
  • Short 501-1000 – you have to buy a stranger a meal at a fast food restaurant and tell them the reason why, “you lost a push up challenge”
  • Short 1001+ – donate $25 to a charity

If you want to do it just go to google docs and add your name to the spread sheet and start tracking your progress.   Click here to start!

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Lets get started!!!

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